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Arthritis and Obesity Management

Arthritic and obesity management exercises are designed with a specific goal in mind.  We might ask dogs to walk over a series of low poles (caveletti) to encourage picking up of the legs and flexion of the joints.  We might ask the dog to sit and stand repeatedly (as in a set of five) in order to strengthen the muscles in the rear. 

Various pieces of equipment are often used as well.  An animal might be asked to stretch over a large ball or balance on a board that has an uneven base.  Stair climbing, walking up and down hills and using a land treadmill are some other examples of things that might be used to strengthen a particular area of the body or increase endurance. Basic agility equipment can be used to work or stretch a particular target on the body-but the animals are maneuvering through these pieces of equipment slowly and with guidance, to prevent injury.